Knapton Genealogy

John MOORE was born 1611 in Lancaster, England. He married Bridget UNKNOWN about 1628.

Bridget UNKNOWN was born about 1608. She died before 1639. Bridget married John MOORE about 1628.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth MOORE was born 1628 and died 3 Aug 1705.

Elbridge Gerry RICE [Parents] was born 3 Jan 1814 in Hopkinton, MA. He died 4 Apr 1906. Elbridge married Martha A WENDALL.

Martha A WENDALL [Parents] was born 1838 in MA. She died 1903 in Hopkinton, MA. Martha married Elbridge Gerry RICE.

They had the following children:

  F i Alma RICE was born 10 Aug 1856 in Hopkinton, MA.
  M ii Marion RICE was born 23 Jul 1859 in Hopkinton, MA.
  iii Rienzi RICE was born about 1862 in Hopkinton, MA.
  M iv Vernon RICE was born 21 Apr 1864 in Hopkinton, MA.

John Adams RICE [Parents] was born 20 Dec 1848 in Hopkinton, MA. He married Josephine KELLEY on 17 Nov 1879.

Josephine KELLEY was born about 1851. She married John Adams RICE on 17 Nov 1879.

Alfred Dexter RICE [Parents] was born 7 May 1850 in Hopkinton, MA. He married Ermentine YOUNG.

Ermentine YOUNG was born about 1853. She married Alfred Dexter RICE.

George Gilman FROST was born about 1848. He married Marie Anne RICE on 7 Sep 1880.

Marie Anne RICE [Parents] was born 6 Nov 1851 in Hopkinton, MA. She married George Gilman FROST on 7 Sep 1880.

George Henry RICE [Parents] was born 10 Aug 1854 in Hopkinton, MA. He died 28 Oct 1899 in Westboro, MA. George married Delia Frances CLAPP on 29 Aug 1877.

Delia Frances CLAPP was born 19 Oct 1856 in Barrington, IL. She married George Henry RICE on 29 Aug 1877.

They had the following children:

  F i Florence Pearl RICE was born 10 Jul 1879.
  F ii Bertha C RICE was born 15 Jan 1882.
  F iii Living

Louis William RICE [Parents] was born 2 Apr 1856 in Hopkinton, MA. He married Anna Amelia STEBBINS on 22 Sep 1880.

Anna Amelia STEBBINS was born about 1859. She married Louis William RICE on 22 Sep 1880.

They had the following children:

  M i Edward Dexter RICE was born 8 Jul 1881.
  F ii Nettie M RICE was born 21 Oct 1882.
  F iii Blanch Maria RICE was born 26 Oct 1886.

Albert Evarts CLAFLIN was born about 1855. He married Marilla Hurter RICE on 19 Sep 1877.

Marilla Hurter RICE [Parents] was born 15 Mar 1858 in Hopkinton, MA. She married Albert Evarts CLAFLIN on 19 Sep 1877.

Abbot Barnes RICE [Parents] was born 17 Apr 1862 in Hopkinton, MA. He married Amy Thurber BRIDGES on 27 Aug 1890.

Amy Thurber BRIDGES was born about 1865. She married Abbot Barnes RICE on 27 Aug 1890.

Henry Ware RICE [Parents] was born 14 Aug 1864 in Hopkinton, MA. He married Izella CHENEY.

Izella CHENEY was born about 1867. She married Henry Ware RICE.

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