Knapton Genealogy

Jonathan ADAMS [Parents] was born 1614/1619. He married Joane CLOSE on 7 Feb 1638/1639.

Other marriages:
HOLMAN, Elizabeth

Joane CLOSE died before 1651. She married Jonathan ADAMS on 7 Feb 1638/1639.

Stephen STREETER was born in Charlestown, MA. He married Ursula ADAMS on 1640.

Ursula ADAMS [Parents] was born 19 Jul 1619. She married Stephen STREETER on 1640.

Peter ADAMS [Parents] was born 1 Mar 1621/1622. He died 1690. Peter married Rachel.

Rachel married Peter ADAMS.

John ADAMS [Parents] "John Adams Of Menotomy" was born 4 Dec 1624. He died 1706. John Adams Of Menotomy married Anne.

Anne married John ADAMS.

James PENNIMAN married Lydia ELIOT.

Lydia ELIOT married James PENNIMAN.

They had the following children:

  F i Lydia PENNIMAN was born 27 Feb 1634 and died 3 Mar 1676.

Lt. Griffin CRAFT.

He had the following children:

  F i Abagail CRAFT was born 28 Mar 1634 and died 19 Jan 1706/1707.

Pelatiah ADAMS [Parents] was born 6 Mar 1645/1646 in Concord, MA. He died 1724. Pelatiah married Ruth PARKER.

Ruth PARKER married Pelatiah ADAMS.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth ADAMS died 1759.
  F ii Edith ADAMS was born 1688 and died 1723.
  F iii Sarah ADAMS was born 12 Jul 1691 and died 24 Apr 1761.

John CUMMINGS was born 1682. He died 1759. John married Elizabeth ADAMS.

Elizabeth ADAMS [Parents] died 1759. She married John CUMMINGS.

James BRADFORD was born 1689. He died 1762. James married Edith ADAMS.

Edith ADAMS [Parents] was born 1688. She died 1723. Edith married James BRADFORD.

Joseph FLETCHER was born 10 Jun 1681 in Chelmsford, MA. He died 4 Oct 1772 in Westford, MA. Joseph married Sarah ADAMS.

Sarah ADAMS [Parents] was born 12 Jul 1691 in Chelmsford, MA. She died 24 Apr 1761 in Westford, MA. Sarah married Joseph FLETCHER.

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